Top 10 English Idioms to Improve Speaking Skills

Top 10 English Idioms to Improve Speaking Skills

Have you ever talked to your English-speaking friends and been totally confused? Well, that may happen when they start using typical for their speech phrases. They are notorious idioms and sometimes we cannot instantly figure out the meaning of these phrases and that’s where forewarned is forearmed. We have already written about idiomatic constructions in English here and a little bit here. However, this time I’ve prepared TOP 10 common idioms with their meanings that will enrich your vocabulary and make you sound like a native speaker.

1. Cup of tea – something you like very much.

Thanks for inviting me, opera is really my cup of tea.

2. A piece of cake for me / no-brainer – something that is very easy to do.

I’m very sure the test will be a piece of cake for me / no-brainer. I’ve been studying for weeks.

3. To cost a fortune –to be very expensive, to have a high price.

It costs me a fortune to have my car fixed.

4. The best of both worlds –a situation in which you can enjoy the advantages and disadvantages of two different things at the same time.

She works in the city and lives in the country, so she gets the best of both worlds.

5. To see eye to eye – to agree with someone.

It is strange how they’ve become friends through they don’t seem to eye to eye an anything.

6. Out of this world– extremely good.

Your English pronunciation is just out of this world.

7. Come rain or shine –whatever happens.

Come rain or shine we will finish our report tomorrow.

8. To get a life – change your lifestyle, to do more exciting things.

Don’t tell me you are doing cleaning on Saturday night! Get a life!

9. Pie in the sky –an idea or a plan that is unlikely to happen.

His dreams of becoming a successful businessman are just a pie in the sky.

10. To lift a finger – not to help someone to do something usually because you are too lazy.

He never lifts a finger to help me with my housework.

Here you are! Now you know a bunch of really good word combinations to use. However, it does not mean that you have to try to use them in every sentence you say. Quite the opposite, be very careful with them otherwise you run a risk to sound too artificially.

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