10 Brand New English Words

Today I’d like you to pay attention to neologisms. Maybe You’ll ask: “Why? What for? My answer is simple: “It is  creative thinking!”

To start with, you should know prehistory; the word “neologism” is a combination of two Ancient Greek words: “neo”(meaning “new”), and  “logos”(meaning “word”). Basically, a neologism is a new word that is being used by native Speakers in conversation and text, but that hasn’t appeared in a dictionary yet. So, how are neologisms formed? In some cases, the new word can be created from two existing words. For example, “cyberspace” came from the words “cyber” and “space”, where the first one is the prefix for words related to computers and the second – is the noun. This new word refers to the virtual world where computers “communicate”. Or “salad dodger” is someone who is overweight (they literally “dodge” (avoid) salads and anything healthy.

So, people, let’s look at 10 neologisms – new words that people have started to use but which still haven’t become standard English, and haven’t made it into a dictionary.


NEET is an acronym of “Not in Employment, Education or Training” – e.g. a person who isn’t doing anything constructive with their lives.

“The recession is turning more and more young people into NEETs.”

2. NOOb (pronounced “newbie”)

It’s a slang term for someone who doesn’t know much about an online game or any other program on the Internet.

“She is a Warhammer n00b.”

3. Chillax

Chillax” is a combination of “chill (out)” and “relax” and means “stop worrying, relax!”

Chillax, man! It isn’t that serious.”

4. Hypocrise

To criticise someone for an act of hypocrisy. For example, to criticise someone for complaining about all the litter on the streets when this person often throws rubbish on the ground, too.

“I hypocrised them a lot last night”

5. Beer compass

The invisible “advice” inside you that helps you get home even though you’re too drunk to remember who you are, where you live where you’ve come from.

“I was able to get home safely last night thanks to my beer compass.”

6. A monkey bath

A bath with water that’s so hot that when you get in, you go, “Oo!Oo!Ah!Ah!” Just like a monkey!

“I’ve just had a monkey bath.”

7. Oh-no second

Thar second in time when you realise that you’ve just made a very BIG mistake.

“I had an oh-no second last night when I accidentally sent a personal e-mail to my boss.”

8. Frenemy

A person who you are friendly with (for a variety of reasons) but who you don’t actually like.

“I was out with one of my frenemies last night.”

9. Defriend/unfriend

If you “defriend” someone from a social networking site, you remove them from a list of friends or contacts,

“I was defriend from Rob’s Facebook page last night.”

10. Percussive maintenance

The act of hitting an electronic device in order to make it work again.

“This computer is in serious need of a bit of percussive maintenance.”


Even though these words are not yet in traditional dictionaris (though some of them already are) you may well find them (and many more) in this dictionary. Also do not forget to read our aticles about vocabulary (buzzwords, english idioms, phrasal verbs) they will help you to show off in front of your colleagues!