10 Simple Ways to Describe Complex Matters

I never stop being surprised when I come across some funny words that describe a person. English is really full of them. To amuse a person, to make him/her pleased,  to tell the truth or a white lie, you can always use some extremely cool and bright adjectives. Having found some really fascinating idioms, I want to share them with you. You can use these idioms instead of too many other words to describe your mate, friend or sweetheart.

In this article it is going to be a fresh set of 10 funny idioms about people.

1, Daredevil– someone who takes unnecessary risks

He is a real daredevil, he always comes up with some crazy ideas about extreme activities.

2. Crybaby –someone who cries a lot for any reason

Don’t even try to offend her, she is a crybaby and she doesn’t need any reason for crying.

3. Nutty as a fruitcake –someone who is a bit crazy

You are nutty as a fruitcake! You don’t know her well enough to get married.

4. Troublemaker –someone who causes troubles every time

My friend is a troublemaker, every month he borrows some money from me to deal with his problems.

5. Class clown –someone who makes everyone laugh

Nobody in this group cares about him a lot, but still he is a class clown, you can laugh until one cries.

6. Oddball –a weird, strange person

Sometimes I am scared of this woman, she is a real oddball, she always talks to herself and giggles.

7. Cheapskate –someone who hates spending moneys

My husband is a cheapskate, I am never able to make him go shopping.

8. Black sheep –the bad egg in the family, someone who is always in trouble

Her elder brother is a black sheep in their family, his parents always worry about him.

9. Old as the hills –someone who is very old

My great grandma is always 96, she is old as the hills but she still remembers everything.

10. Barrel of laughs –someone who is very funny.

Ann is a barrel of laughs, let us invite her to the party. We are going to have a real fun!

These 10 must never be overused, otherwise you may run a risk to sound like an oddball)) Sign up for one of our awesome courses to know more about idioms, collocations, buzzwords and how ro use them sensibly!