How to Rent an Appartment

Do you want to move to overseas country looking for a place to be excited? But firstly you should rent an apartment!

You are going to have a stressful experience! But don’t worry… Our vocabulary will help you to cope with the stress.

To start with, I’d like to say that the most important thing about renting an apartment is finding a place within your budget. In other words you have to decide what your asking priceis, so that you can afford to live there. When you meet the landlord (or landlady), try to make a good impression, be the best tenant he or she can trust you.  Before moving in, you need to pay the first and last month’s pay rent plus a security deposit. This money should be returned when you eventually move out as long as you leave the apartment in good condition. Also property owner generally asks for signing a one year lease with an option to renew. Remember, if you break the lease you credit score will be bad.  Make sure that all the terms and conditions are exactly what you were told. Don’t forget to include a list of any pre-existing damage the property has.

An  apartment complexwith a lot of great amenities is the best variant to rentThey have an indoor pool, a basketball court and a game room, or furnished apartment. Some rental properties include utilities (things like electricity, water and heat)if monthly charge is included utilities, it’s called“all bills paid”.

Now let’s see:

— rent an apartment – [rent] квартирная плата

— asking price – [‘ɑ:skɪŋ praɪs] — запрашиваемая цена

— can afford – [ə’fɔ:d] позволить себе/быть в состоянии/иметь возможность

— landlord (or landlady) – [‘lænlɔ:d], [‘lænd,leɪdi] — арендодатель

— tenant – [‘tɛnənt] — арендатор

— security deposit – [sɪ’kjʊərɪti dɪ’pɒzɪt]— залог

— lease – [li:s] — договор аренды

— to renew – [ri’nju:] обновлять/восстановить

— break lease – [breɪk] нарушить условия договора аренды

— apartment complex – [ ə’pɑ:tmənt compleks] многоквартирный комплекс

— amenities – [ə’mi:nɪtiz] — комфорт; коммунальные удобства; необходимые предметы быта

— furnished apartment – [‘fɜ:nɪʃt ə’pɑ:tmənt] — меблированная квартира

— utilities – [ju:’tilitiz] коммунальные услуги

— “all bills paid” – [ɔ:l bɪlz peɪd] — «включая плату за коммунальные услуги»

Well, now you are ready to set off and rent an appartment in English) Make sure you have checked a list of popular idioms here, some business words here, and some useful phrasal verbs here before you dive into English speaking environment!)

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