Business Buzzwords, or, “a Simple Way to Blend in with the Modern Business Environment”

Here are 8 of my favorite buzzwords that, depending in what context they are used, may either irritate the people around you, or make you sound like a MBA graduate from a prestigious university.  The following list was inspired by an impressive video and its intuitive creators, located here

1. C-level 

“C-level” is an adjective describing someone who occupies a top Management position (CEO,CFO, COO etc.), the “C” indicating “Chief”.

“She is C –level, so you’d better not upset her!”

2. Thirty-thousand foot view

Thirty-thousand foot view or a “the big picture” means a very general and abstract idea or view of a situation, without details. 30,000 feet or approximately 10,000 meters is the standard flight altitude of commercial aircraft. Imagine looking out of an airplane window at such an altitude. Though it’s difficult to imagine one doing this it’s even more of a challenge to see the details far below the aircraft.

“Now, we are a bit short on time here, can you give me just the thirty-thousand foot view of the project?”

3. Hit the ground running

To Hit the ground running means to be ready to start working immediately with a lot of energy.  Which is probably what is expected of us every morning as we arrive to the workplace, but…do we hit the ground running?

4. To be “uber” of something

To be “uber” of something– means to be very successful at something, or “cutting edge” and “ahead of the curve”, for instance the formulation of a “game changing” idea, service, product, etc., often compared to success of the Uber ride service itself.

“I promise you this start-up is going to be the Uber of the dry-cleaning industry!”

5. A “silver bullet approach”

A “silver bullet approach” – I’m pretty sure that you have never had to fight werewolves, however can probably imagine how horrifically nerve-racking such an experience would be! BUT, if you have a “silver bullet”, the impossible task may turn out to be not horrific at all, even easy! Thus a “silver-bullet” approach infers a simple, direct way to sort out a difficult problem.

6. A “guestimate”

A “guestimate” – this is an example of what may happen when you mix together two things that are not meant to be mixed.  Guess + estimate= “a guesstimate”.  It IS an estimate, but holds no precise calculations or reliable data proving it to be accurate.

“Hey, Dad, what’s your guesstimate on my gestational age?”

7. “Unknown unknowns”

“Unknown unknowns” – among all of the buzzwords I include in this list, I like this one the most! Just look at it!  It is meant to acknowledge the existence of things that you don’t know that you don’t know about!!!

“Let’s speak about some unknown unknowns we may face after drinking this!”

8. To be “under the radar”

“Under the radar”– it basically means what it says, that if you want to avoid detection or being spotted, you must go unnoticed, invisible , secretly, or, “under the radar”.  There can be many situations to use this expression, such as:  “The executives of the corporation hoped their fraudulent manipulation of the market would go under the radar of the business news journalists.”

Well, now you are equipped with a handful of  really cool buzzwords!  But be careful to not misuse them, as many people may be annoyed if you say them at the wrong place and at the wrong time.  Is it a good idea to use them to deliver your New Year resolutions, take part in pub discussions, debate with your girlfriend, or bargain at the market?  Of course not!  That is unless you want to risk sounding ridiculous.  Maybe in important circumstances, it’s best to rely on the more standardized, formal English vocabulary….at least until you become fluent!

“Dear, can you give me a thirty-thousand foot view of what I need to purchase at the grocery store?”

“I would like for my poor school grades to pass under the radar of my parents.”

“What’s your guestimate as to the current time?”

“Dear!  Your pasta is the uber of pastas!”

“When my parents visit, they always like to sit around chatting, but I hope tomorrow we can hit the ground running in preparation for the party.”

“Try to remember the unknown unknowns before you get married…unless you don’t know what you don’t know.”

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